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Chao  (chow)

Xin chao (xin chow)


Hello in a more polite way

Chao Ong  (chow ong)

Hello Mr. Sth (if the man is older than you or in a more prestigious position than you are)

Chao Ba   (chow bah)

Hello Mrs. Sth (if the woman is older–approximately 50 and over)

Chao Co  (chow koh)

Hello Miss Sth (if the woman is young; even if she is married, this is a safe greeting)

Ong (or Ba, Anh, Co) khoe khong   (own khway-eh kowm)

How are you?

Cam on   (cam un)

Thank you

Khong hieu   (kowm hee-you)

I don’t understand

Ten toi la…   (tain toy la)

My name is…

Bao nhieu?   (bow new)

How much?

Toi muon mua…   (toy moo-on moo-ah)

I’d like to buy…

Nuoc suoi   (nook sooey)

Bottled water

O dau…?   (uh dow)

Where is…?

Cong an   (kowm an)


Khach san   (kak san)